Two things that hit me right in the Harry feels

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but what is the curly haired one doing

smelling glue is why he is so messed up

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just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life :) x

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Louis Tomlinson → The sexy, random, & funny one.

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Oh, and to the person that requested the oneshot about Harry/Niall, I’m working on it, it’s just that I’ve been getting massive headaches and I’ve got a terrible case of writer’s block. Sorry, but I’m getting on it! :)

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You know what the boys should do?

Go find a flight of stairs (it could be in a building, outside of a building, in some stranger’s apartment, in a hotel, or even an alley for all I care) get a laptop, and do a twitcam there. I don’t know, I’d watch it. I’m staying up all night to watch all of the videos, anyway.

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Happy 2nd Anniversary, One Direction! Here’s to many more moments of homosexual tendencies in the years to come.

Tyler Oakley, marry me.

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Today is the day. Two years ago today, five boys’ lives were changed forever. Those who spent their time in front of their television following X Factor had no idea that five talented boys were about to become the worlds biggest boy band. Here we stand, two years later. The drama has been put to a standstill as we join together as a fandom and celebrate the success of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. With sold out tours, countless awards, a number one single in dozens of countries, and one of the most supportive fandoms in the world, Directioners are proud to say we are responsible for the success of the worlds biggest boy band. Thank you boys for everything. Thank you for giving us memories that we will cherish for our entire life. We will never forget the anticipation every week on X Factor. We will never forget hearing What Makes You Beautiful for the first time. We will never forget the endless wars between Directioners and Directionaters. We will never forget what we were doing when your first music video released. We will never forget the endless fangirling over every single or video released. We will never forget the sleepless nights waiting for and watching a twitcam. We will never forget the feeling of seeing your live for the first time. We will never forget any of your performances. We will never forget the lyric changes. We will never forget how you took over the world in a matter of weeks. But most importantly, we will never forget the boys on the stairs. We won’t forget how you started your career and where you came from. No matter how famous you are, we know you won’t stop being the five humble lads you started off as. We know you won’t forget who you are and why you’re here. All in all, thank you for saving lives. Singing may have started off as a hobby, but we hope you understand how many lives you have impacted. Just being yourself has changed lives forever, and saved thousands of lives. Never stop being you. Thank you for everything.

However, today is not only about the boys, its about us. The fans. Release your balloons and give yourself a pat on the back because we’ve done it. We have made five boys dreams come true. As long as the boys never give up, we won’t give up. Dare to Dream and take risks, just like our boys did, because you never know how easily one small risk can change your life forever. 

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